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At the Bentley Company, we injection mold all of our Index Boxes in-house at our Mesquite Texas facility. This gives us complete control over delivery and product quality. We mold our index boxes using only Prime UV-stabilized polycarbonate with a blue tint that provides excellent resistance to hazing. Many of our index boxes for American, Rockwell, and Sprague meters are available with our POSI-SEAL gasket, which is 100% Dow Corning Silicone, not cheaper less effective foam as others have substituted over the year. The silicone gasket is permanently attached to the index box and replaces the need for a cork gasket. Since the POSI-SEAL is attached to the index box, it is simple to use, saves time and money, while providing excellent sealing in all weather conditions. All Bentley Co index boxes with security seal capacity use OEM sized Wedge Loc Security Seals for ease of interchangeability. In addition, many of our index boxes are available with screened vent holes to keep bugs out.