Can Christmas ornaments be made with injection molding?

The quick answer is yes! But there are many common ways to make Christmas ornaments. Many toys use injection molding so that they can be mass produced and the same thing would apply to Christmas ornaments.

The most common materials for modern Christmas ornaments are glass, metal, plastic and wood. Ornaments come in a nearly infinite number of shapes, but here are some of the most common ones: Ball ornaments. The popular standard Christmas ball ornament can be made of metal, glass or plastic. In some cases injection molding is used, however, there are plenty of the more expensive unique glass blown ornaments that require a blown glass technique. Regardless of how they are made, the art of making Christmas ornaments have been around for centuries. See:

What household products are injection molding?

Injection molding creates many of the plastic containers and tubs in which consumer products are packaged. Other injection molded components found in many households include drinkware, bottlecaps, barbeque accessories, toilet seats and outdoor furniture.

10 Common Injection Molded Household Products

Plastic Bottles
Bottle Caps
Legos and Toys
Computers and Other Consumer Electronics
Plastic Furniture
Flower Pots
Toilet Seats

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Did you know that injection molding is used for making medical devices, tools and equipment?

Medical injection molding can be used to create components for dental X-ray equipment, catheter locks, diagnostic testing kit components, personal protection equipment, microfluidic devices, and surgical and drug delivery equipment. It is amazing to see how many examples there are of medical devices made using injection molding with plastics.

  • components for dental X-ray equipment
  • catheter locks
  • diagnostic testing kit components
  • personal protection equipment
  • microfluidic devices
  • surgical and drug delivery equipment

Why Use Injection Molding?

Plastic and metal injection molding processes are highly cost-effective and faster methods to produce objects at a higher speed with shorter lead times. It is ideal for manufacturing both large and small volume products with higher quality. Injection molding is a repeatable process, and once the master mold is ready, several copies are easier to produce with the same detailing.

As this method supports a wide range of materials, higher customization is possible. Injection molding offers an excellent surface finish in both plastic and metal materials.

Can you name things you use everyday that is molded using injection molding?